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Slotting Machine

Our pipe slotting machines can produce slots or grooves on the pipe surface. During the slotting process, the operator is allowed to customize the required size, speed, feed rate, etc., through the CNC system.

Slotting Machine

Slotting Machine Features

Pipe Clamping System: The metal pipe is firmly held in place to ensure the stability of the slot cutting process.

Precision: Revolutionary pipe precision grooving technology, ensuring consistent results across multiple pipes.

Applications: Water supply systems, drainage systems, construction, agriculture, etc.

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Pipe Slotting Machine CTK-KC600

Pipe Slotting Machine

  • Model: CTK-KC600
  • Saw Blade Diameter:  φ140mm – φ600mm
  • Max. Tooth Pitch: 18mm
  • Max. Saw Blade Thickness: 8mm
  • Wheel Spindle Speed: 20000rpm – 30000rpm
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