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Pipe Chamfering Machine

Chittak provides a full range of pipe chamfering machines to help you chamfer or bevel the ends of steel, carbon steel, iron, copper, aluminum and other metal pipes.

Whether double-end or single head chamfering machines, servo motors are used to control the machining head, ensuring enough thrust to eliminate chip accumulation on the chamfering head.

Our pipe chamfering machine quickly and precisely grinds away the edges or corners of any workpiece profiles, making it easier to weld or join pipes.

Pipe Chamfering Machine

Pipe Chamfering Machine Features

Adjustable Angle: Our machine allows operator to customize chamfering parameters to suit specific project requirements and workpiece profiles.

Pipe Clamping System: In order to ensure stability during the chamfering process, our machines use precision clamps to ensure that the tubes can be held in place.

Our pipe chamfering machines can be used with different types of milling cutters. When replacing the blade, a special wrench can be used to disassemble and install it.

Applications: The pipe chamfering machine is suitable for batch processing of workpieces and deburring of metal pipes, plates and dies.

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Double End Chamfering Machine CTK-EF50

Double End Chamfering Machine

  • Model: CTK-EF50
  • Pipe Diameter for Working: φ12mm – φ55mm
  • Standard Tool Bit Applicable Range: φ20mm – φ51mm
  • Small Tool Bit Applicable Range: φ9mm – φ18mm
  • Motor: 2HP x 4P
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Single Head Chamfering Machine CTK-80AC

Single Head Chamfering Machine

  • Model: CTK-80AC
  • Pipe Chamfering Range: φ20mm – φ80mm
  • Solid Bar Chamfering Range: φ9mm – φ50mm
  • Standard Tool Bit Applicable Range: φ20mm – φ80mm
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